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Acquiring Language Using Web 2.0 Tools

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10:00-11:15 Defragmenting Foreign Language Learning
/  by Marisa Constantinides
The standard practice of the FL classroom is to present language in fragments or smaller chunks which may one day be successfully synthesized to form a coherent whole in the learner's mind, hopefully resulting in fluent output. Research and experience have proved this inadequate. In this talk, I will be looking at activities involving technology which promote holistic learning and motivate the learners to acquire language through collaborative and meaningful projects using a variety of Web 2.0 tools.
11:15-11:30 Coffee Break  


Computer Based Testing 
/  by George Vassilakis

Recent Developments in Computer Based Testing and City & Guilds IESOL Computer Based Test. Using new tools to prepare your candidates.

Marisa Constantinides, Teacher, Teacher Educator, CELT Athens 

A teacher, teacher educator and materials designer, Marisa Constantinides has trained teachers in the private and public sectors as a free-lance trainer first, and later as head of CELT Athens, established in 1993. Marisa has wide experience of designing and implementing a variety of language, teacher education courses including Cambridge CELTA and DELTA courses and tailor-made programmes for schools and businesses. 

Integrating technology into teaching and teacher education

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