English PEOPLECERT Group Vision Mission Values
Vision, Mission, Values


«Be among world leaders in personnel certification, contributing substantially to equal access for all to the Knowledge Society and to shape a better future for man».


«Provide Life and Career Supplies with internationally recognized certifications, creating value for Partners, Employees, Shareholders and Society».


Values are our guide for our business behavior. Our Values express our corporate culture by creating an organization with high quality services and total customer satisfaction.

The values we cherish are:

  • Integrity and Ethics | We are honest in all our dealings and confirm the reputation which accompanies us, remaining always adhering to the strictest requirements of morality..
  • Efficiency | We recognize and reward outstanding performance, so we always be prepared to achieve our goals.
  • Business Excellence | We seek distinction in what we do and we remain faithful to the continuous improvement of Quality.
  • Innovation  We seek ways to apply new and innovative methods and to evolve.
  • Teamwork  We communicate actively and openly. Continuously build trust by honoring our commitments. We demonstrate respect for others and respect the diversity.
  • Quality | Our commitment to quality is a strategic choice, identified with our corporate goals and is an integral part of our corporate culture.