English for Candidates
In a competitive environment each job candidate tries to enhance his /her CV and increase the chances of successful job hunting. Each candidate tries to enter into the job market and cope successfully with the difficulties of a dynamic and competitive environment.

Certifications provide a unique value point to the candidates-holders.

The acquisition of certifications offers the possibility of enhancing one’s qualifications.

The City & Guilds Organisation, which offers 500 certifications in 26 different business sectors and qualifies 2.000.000 candidates each year, constitutes the leading, non profit organisation that certifies business knowledge and skills. Its dynamic in 100 countries gives the possibility to the candidates to extend their horizons, acquire knowledge and skills through a wide variety of certifications ranging from Assesment of Language to Vocational Qualificatons.

More specifically:

The English Language certifications offered by City & Guilds, cover the needs of all ages, from children and adolescents who wish to certify their knowledge via internationally recognised examinations, to employees, executives and freelancers that want to ratify and upgrade their business skills and competencies.