May Exams 2016

Examination Dates

Closing Date for Online Registrations

Closing Date for Hard-Copy Registrations

Exam Locations

Closing Date for New Exam Locations




Athens, Alexandroupolis, Arta, Veria Volos, Giannitsa, Drama, Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Ierapetra, Ioannina, Kavala, Kalamata, Kalymnos, Corfu, Kozani, Corinth, Lamia, Larissa, Livadia, Milos, Nafplion, Nea Moudania, Xanthi, Patra, Preveza, Rethimno, Rhodes, Serres Trikala, Tripoli, Chalkis, Chios


Exam Schedule






09:00 - 12:00




13:30 - 16:30




17:30 - 19:30




09:00 - 11:30




13:00 - 15:30




16:30 - 18:30



The number of cities holding exams may increase on demand.

If you own a language institute, are a member of the City & Guilds Teachers’ Club and wish to register your students in English exams in a city not included in the above list, please contact the City & Guilds Examinations Department at 210-372-9150 or at by the date refered to the top table (Closing Date for New Exam Locations) so we can review your request and the possibility of opening a venue in your city. Please visit the website on a regular basis since the list of cities is regularly updated.

Registration guidelines for City & Guilds Exams

1. Download the City & Guilds Exam application form by visiting the link on the top right, under "Related Links".

2. Deposit the exam fees in the PeopleCert ΑΕ account at any Piraeus Bank (Account number: GR7401720320005032035149241) or National Bank (Account number:  GR0801100800000008047189504). In the box labelled “Reason” on the bank deposit slip, write the candidate’s name, date of birth and City & Guilds (e.g. N. Papadopoulos, 17/02/1976 City & Guilds).

3. Complete and sign the application form.

4. Send the completed form and a photocopy of the bank deposit slip by post to: City & Guilds Exam Coordination Department, 3 Korai Str, Athens 10564, or hand-deliver them to the same address.

Attention: Only applications posted by registered mail by the date that is mentioned on the top table, under the "Closing Date for Hard-Copy Registrations" column.

5. One week before the exam date, candidates will receive their Statement of Entry, which lists the candidate’s personal information, and the time and place of the exam.

Attention: If you do not receive your Statement of Entry one week before the exam, please contact the City & Guilds Exam Coordination Department (phone: 210-372-9150)

Exam Fees


Central Exam Candidate Fee

Preliminary A1 - ΙESOL

€ 27,50

Preliminary A1 - ΙSESOL

€ 27,50

Access A2 - ΙESOL

€ 27,50

Access A2 - ΙSESOL

€ 27,50

Achiever B1 - IESOL

€ 40

Achiever B1 - ISESOL

€ 40

Communicator B2 - IESOL 

€ 80

Communicator B2 - ISESOL 

€ 80

Expert C1 - IESOL 

€ 70

Expert C1 - ISESOL 

€ 70

Mastery C2 - IESOL 

€ 90

Mastery C2 - ISESOL 

€ 90

Particular Needs Candidates

If the candidate has learning difficulties or mobility problems, please contact the City & Guilds Exam Coordination Department (phone: 210-372-9150).  


If you wish to have your IESOL or ISESOL exam re-marked, please contact us by phone at 210-372-9150. The fee for re-marking the exam is 50% of the exam fee.

Free resit

In case a candidate does not pass one of the two exams (written or oral), the City & Guilds Organisation offers immediately and free of charge the chance to resit the exam. The offer is valid for a candidate who participated in both tests at the same level during the same examination period and gives him/her the right to a free resit of the examination that he/she did not pass. The offer is valid for 2015 and 2016. The voucher that entitles candidates to a free resit can be used for up to one year after the release of the results.

Exam Cancellation / Exam Fees Refund

City & Guilds does not allow for cancellations of exam registrations. In the event that the candidate is absent from the exam for urgent medical reasons, the candidate is entitled to a 50% exam fee refund as long as the claim is accompanied by official hospital documentation.

Exam Regulations

On the day of the exam (IESOL or ISESOL) candidates must have with them:

  • The Statement of Entry
  • Official identification

Please be at the examination centre 30 minutes before the start of the exam.

Mobile phones are forbidden from the examination centre premises.

Candidates with mobile phones will be expelled from the exam.

Changes cannot be made to the exam venue, or to the date or time of the exam.

Candidates are permitted to use a mono-lingual dictionary (English-English) during the examination.