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As an Authorized City & Guilds Centre, you can:

increase your prestige and upgrade your image;
Using the City & Guilds name strengthens your centres position in the market, brings recognition and is financially advantageous to you.

broaden your business base;
City & Guilds qualifications open new business horizons for you.

increase your clientele;
City & Guilds
can boost your clientele by providing programmes that correspond to the needs of potential clients belonging to other age groups and having different interests from your current clientele.

increase your turnover, adding more teaching hours to your Centre;
from the financial benefits you gain from the City & Guilds exams, you can also increase your turnover through your educational services.

also maximize your financial benefits through the certification procedure through a competitive pricing policy.

becoming a City & Guilds Centre, for the first time in Greece you can gain a considerable profit margin in comparison to corresponding institutes, as the exams are organized and carried out on your premises or any other venue of your choice.

Become an Authorized City & Guilds Centre today!
For the first time ever in Greece, City & Guilds is giving you the opportunity to offer its internationally recognized programmes. Our aim is to encourage life-long learning by providing specialized vocational training programmes and, at the same time, to enrich your curriculum and broaden your business base through a profitable cooperation.  

Programme Advantages
ESOL Qualifications
City & Guilds ESOL qualifications are internationally recognized and holding such a qualification proves that you are able to communicate efficiently in English. The organisation provides certification at all levels for all needs and age groups. There are qualifications for children 8 to 13 years of age, adolescents and adults as well as certification in specialized English, including Business English.

Vocational Qualifications
The City & Guilds Vocational Qualifications are designed according to international standards and meet the needs of today’s job market. They are internally recognized and valid and focus on fields that fully cover candidates’ needs. The syllabus is continually updated so that it responds to changes in various business sectors, while certificate holders gain a competitive edge in their respective fields of profession.
The following specializations are available in Greece:

 Business Skills:
International Vocational Qualifications:

Teaching Material for Trainers
PEOPLECERT provides all the teaching material needed to properly prepare candidates. This includes a breakdown of the syllabus, bibliography and specific teaching instructions. In addition, PEOPLECERT regularly organizes educational seminars and conferences.