English For Examination Centres

The Authorised Examination Centres use a significant part of City & Guilds success in our country. Our network supports and promotes the accreditation of English language and business skills. City & Guilds Authorised Examination Centres conduct examinations for candidates that are from different social background and knowledge levels.

As an Authorised City & Guilds Centre, you can:

  • increase your prestige
    Using the widely recognised brand name of City & Guilds, you strengthen your centre’s position in the market, place yourself in a financially advantageous position.
  • broaden your business base
    City & Guilds qualifications open new business horizons for you.
  • increase your clientele
    City & Guilds can boost your clientele by providing programmes that correspond to the needs of potential clients belonging to other age groups which may have different interests from your existing clientele.
  • increase your turnover, adding more teaching hours to your Centre
    Apart from the financial benefits you gain from the City & Guilds exams, you can also increase your turnover through the provision of your educational services.
  • also maximise your financial benefits of the certification procedure through a competitive pricing policy.

    For more information about the operation of the Examination Centres and how to become one, you can contact the Development Department of City & Guilds via e-mail at or telephone 210 3729 150