C2 Mastery

C2 Mastery Level Test 1

Candidate: Ioanna

Mark: Fail 

Ioanna is clearly a weak candidate for the Mastery level. While she is generally accurate, some of the mistakes she makes actually impede communication (*They can accept the phenomenons into the future; *you can rest yourself) and others are rather basic (*You may don’t know). In terms of fluency, she is extremely hesitant in all parts and the slow rhythm of her contributions often tests the listener’s patience. The extent of her contributions is also very limited, while the range is clearly below the level, with virtually no complex structures attempted.

Task Fulfilment and Coherence: Fail / Accuracy and Range of Grammar: Fail  / Accuracy and Range of Vocabulary: Pass / Pronunciation, Intonation and Fluency: Fail

C2 Mastery Level Test 2

Candidate: Dimitra

Mark: First Class Pass

Dimitra is a very good candidate, whose performance is consistently impressive both in terms of accuracy and range as well as in terms of fluency and interaction skills. She demonstrates a very wide range of language, including some technical vocabulary in Part 3, communicates naturally and at the right level of formality in part 2, and does not hesitate at all. Her pronunciation is distinctly non-native, but stress and intonation are used meaningfully and she is comfortably intelligible at all times.

Task Fulfilment and Coherence: First Class Pass / Accuracy and Range of Grammar: First Class Pass / Accuracy and Range of Vocabulary: First Class Pass / Pronunciation, Intonation and Fluency: First Class Pass


C2 Mastery Level Test 3

Candidate: Dora

Mark: Pass

Dora’s performance represents a high pass at this level. She uses some very complex structures, appears to be speaking effortlessly and naturally, with virtually no errors. However, in Part 3 she delivers a monologue and does not attempt to involve the other interactant, while the extent of her long turn in Part 4 is rather limited.

Task Fulfilment and Coherence:  Pass / Accuracy and Range of Grammar: First Class Pass / Accuracy and Range of Vocabulary: First Class Pass / Pronunciation, Intonation and Fluency:  Pass

Please note: As of August 2015, the following timings apply:

ISESOLPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Total
A11.5 minutes1 minute1.5 minutes2 minutes6 minutes
A22 minutes2 minutes2 minutes3 minutes9 minutes
B13 minutes3 minutes3 minutes3 minutes12 minutes
B23 minutes3 minutes3 minutes4 minutes13 minutes
C13 minutes3 minutes4 minutes5 minutes15 minutes
C24 minutes4 minutes4 minutes5 minutes17 minutes