B2 Communicator

B2 Communicator Level Test 1

Candidate: Aris

Mark: Fail

Aris is clearly a weak candidate for this level. He makes numerous basic mistakes, some of which impede communication (*it has many green; *I was get it; *it have many sun), hesitates a lot, has a very strong Greek accent which would not be easily intelligible to a non-Greek, and his contributions are short and simple, demonstrating a very limited range.

Task Fulfilment and Coherence: Fail / Accuracy and Range of Grammar: Fail / Accuracy and Range of Vocabulary: Fail / Pronunciation, Intonation and Fluency: Fail

B2 Communicator Level Test 2

Candidate: Orpheas

Mark: Pass

Orpheas is an average Communicator level candidate whose performance just reaches the level. In most parts of the test he is very fluent, although in Part 3 his contributions do not develop the interaction and in Part 4 he makes a number of mistakes, including some basic ones. Overall, though, he communicates well, makes no errors that block communication and has a clear accent.

Task Fulfilment and Coherence: Pass / Accuracy and Range of Grammar: Pass / Accuracy and Range of Vocabulary: Pass / Pronunciation, Intonation and Fluency: Pass

B2 Communicator Level Test 3

Candidate: Eleni

Mark: First Class Pass

Eleni’s performance is very good overall; there are some inaccuracies, especially in parts 2 and 4, but she is extremely fluent and has excellent interaction skills. In addition, her pronunciation is very good, with excellent rhythm and intonation and she consistently attempts complex sentences and advanced structures.

Task Fulfilment and Coherence: First Class Pass / Accuracy and Range of Grammar: First Class Pass / Accuracy and Range of Vocabulary: Pass / Pronunciation, Intonation and Fluency: First Class Pass

Please note: As of August 2015, the following timings apply:

ISESOLPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Total
A11.5 minutes1 minute1.5 minutes2 minutes6 minutes
A22 minutes2 minutes2 minutes3 minutes9 minutes
B13 minutes3 minutes3 minutes3 minutes12 minutes
B23 minutes3 minutes3 minutes4 minutes13 minutes
C13 minutes3 minutes4 minutes5 minutes15 minutes
C24 minutes4 minutes4 minutes5 minutes17 minutes