English ESOL Qualifications ISESOL Oral Exams
ISESOL Oral Exams

The ISESOL (International Spoken English for Speakers of Other Languages) exam consists of a Speaking exam and assesses the candidate’s oral proficiency and communication skills. 

Main features

Objective criteria for oral assessment 
The procedure of oral examination guarantees the validity and high quality of certification as the interview is recorded and then marked by City & Guilds examiners whose mother tongue is English.
User-friendly exam
Candidates are examined individually and converse only with the examiner and not another candidate, resulting in a controlled environment in which candidates can perform at their best. 

Selection of examination date
Candidates can schedule their oral exams flexibly since oral exams are held all year round. Candidates are examined when they feel prepared, regardless of the results or their level in the corresponding written exam (IESOL). 

Up-to-date content
The topics that candidates are called upon to discuss are in keeping with the times and correspond to real-life situations. The interview involves personal and general interest topics.

ISESOL – Exam format


CEFR Level

 LanguageCert Level





6 minutes


For all levels the basic 
parts are the following: 
1. Personal information
2. Social situations
3. Exchange of information
4. Topic presentation




9 minutes

CEFR Level

City & Guilds Level




12 minutes



13 minutes



15 minutes



17 minutes



ISESOL - Assessment

Assessment Criteria
1. Accuracy
2. Range
3. Pronunciation 
4. Fluency

Assessment of the ISESOL Exam is based on the candidate’s performance in the four parts of the test as well as on their performance in relation to the following criteria:

  • Overall Communication
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Fluency and interaction

The final result depends on the performance of the candidate as a whole:

First Class Pass: 80% - 100%
Pass: 50% - 79%
Fail: 0% -49%

Free resit

In case a candidate does not pass one of the two exams (written or oral), PeopleCert offers immediately and free of charge the chance to resit the exam. The offer is valid for a candidate who participated in both tests at the same level during the same examination period and gives him/her the right to a free resit of the examination that he/she did not pass. The voucher that entitles candidates to a free resit can be used for up to one year after the release of the results.